Technology plays a key role in any company’s competitiveness, and it is one of the intangible factors that presents the greatest difficulty in its management. The current landscape is identified by accelerating technological change and shortening product life cycles, and consequently, the strategic importance of carrying out effective management of technology in companies.

Since the mid '80 the technological factor has come to constitute a strategic vector which allows companies to improve their competitive position, due to the fact its absence produces a serious insufficiency to generate innovation in products and processes. It is necessary to manage these technological resources with the same efficiency as any other resource in order for companies to acquire greater adaptability and anticipate -and even initiate- breaks that allow them to renew their competitive advantages at the right moment.

Technology is a means of transforming ideas into processes or services, and developing useful solutions. Viclone is collaborating and developing, with the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), a new model of information management and an excellent engine for multilingual natural language processing, for which it is a global benchmark. The UPC is considered one of the greatest universities in artificial intelligence and natural language processing in the world. It collaborates closely in the development of new technologies with the major research centers on the planet.