Like it or not, we are living in a multi-device world. These days people have various ways of accessing their favorite news sites, online shopping, catching up on social networks or planning a weekend away. With increased sales of smartphones and tablets, people have the opportunity to be connected to the internet throughout the day, wherever they are. Whether it is their mobile on the metro, PC at work, or their tablet at home on the sofa, they will all get a bit of face time at some point throughout the day.

This is great news for online businesses… as long as your website is adapted to all of these different devices! If your website is not visible on all these technologies, you are missing out on potential business, business that will happily be taken up by your competitors. In order to provide a great user experience, you need to be ready to provide information whenever your customers need it, and in today’s world, this means keeping up with the latest trends. This is why viCloning uses HTML5 technology, meaning it can work on any next-generation device. Don’t let your customers be left high and dry when they need you most, ensure your website is adapted to all the latest devices.