Personalized Assistance

Customer service 24/7

The system is active 24/7. viClone assists all your clients from your website round the clock.

We offer solutions so that you can focus on your product, and not have to worry about providing information and support to your customers, advertising or selling. With viClone, online customers will not have to read or search, just ask.

Improved Usability

It optimizes self-service on your website

viClone improves websites’ usability, optimizing the services on offer, which means that your clients can find what they are looking for more easily.

Easy access to information and its straightforward manipulation by users, is what sorts the websites that work from those that do not.

Very Multi

Multiplatform, multilingual and multi-device assistance

viClone works with HTML5 technology which displays correctly from IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera on your computer or any iOS or Android based mobile device. You can chat with your clients in their language, wherever they are.

You will have an attractive, high-quality communication tool with unique cross-selling and up-selling systems which help you to project an image of leadership and brand awareness.

Statistical Reports

It analyzes your online customers in real time

Assess customer experience with market research in real time.

You can consult detailed statistical reports on all the assistant's conversations to find out what interests your website's visitors.

Turnkey Product

Adapted to your requirements

viClone is completely customizable; it is tailor-made to your needs with the image you want, and we deliver it ready to use.

You can choose what your assistant looks like, whether it is chosen from one of our gallery of viClones, or a character of your choosing. Our team will work together with yours, so your company offers the ideal customer service. We hand over the product completely finished, tested, and ready to install.

Easy to Install

Everything is easily controlled through our API

viClone has an integration API with commands for function requests and external connections. Our team will work closely with yours to provide quick and complete integration.

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We will do a full analysis of your needs and give you a ROI report of our work.

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